Posted with permission from Newsweek

South Carolina legislators decided to remove the Confederate flag from a Confederate memorial on State House grounds. The final vote in the the House of Representatives was 94 to 20.The decision came after a day of debate on the House floor. Earlier this week, the state senate voted 37-3 to remove the flag. From there, the bill went to the House, where they voted to bypass the committee process and begin the debate. 

The debate about the flag's future began at 10 in the morning on Wednesday. The House Speaker said legislators had "a number of amendments" to the Confederate flag to review. 

With the House voting to remove the flag, the bill now goes to governor Nikki Haley. Haley has already said she plans to remove the flag. 

The Confederate flag was first placed on the dome in the 1960s. In 2000, the flag was moved from the State House dome to the Confederate memorial, amid protest. 

The flag's place at the statehouse recently became an issue after a shooting at an African-American church in Charleston that left nine worshippers dead. The alleged shooter left a racist manifesto in which he included photographs holding the flag, visiting the Confederate museum and a Confederate cemetery. A state senator was killed in the shooting. Dylann Roof, the alleged shooter, remains in custody without bail. He will likely face the death penalty.