Posted with permission from Newsweek

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was tricked by a Twitter user on Saturday.

Trump retweeted a post from a user who wrote, "My Dad is thinking of voting for the first time ever for you." The real estate mogul followed it with his own remark, "Great." An image accompanying the original text shows a white-bearded man wearing a hat.

It turns out the photograph was of Jeremy Corbyn, who earlier on Saturday was elected leader of the British Labour Party. He is a radical left-winger who is expected to reshape Britain's political landscape. Corbyn's campaign, an ongoing story in Great Britain, was not widely known in the U.S.

Corbyn struggled to earn the required 35 nominations from members of Parliament, but made it onto the ballot on the last day of nominations. He rejects austerity policies implemented by conservatives and previous coalition government. Instead, he supports a policy of creating money electronically and using it to fund social projects. He has said he will allow the party membership to have a greater say over policy. Senior figures in the Labour Party already have said they won't serve in a cabinet led by Corbyn.

The user responsible for the tweet, "HamishP95," is a self-proclaimed Labour Party member.