Posted with permission from The Moderate Voice

128px-RezaShrineOver at Slate William Saletan documents how the debate on the Iran nuclear deal prove that the today's Republican party is unable and unfit to govern.  I'm not going to do any copy and paste so go to the link to read it.  We have a few things going on here and if you were to make a Venn diagram there would be a good deal of overlap.

  • The neocon dead enders who see war as the the solution to everything.
  • Those who can't stand the idea that Obama would have any successes.
  • And those who take their marching orders from Israeli politicians.

Yes, there are many Democrats who are guilty as well.  Yes the very people who oppose this deal are the very same people who thought the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a good idea.  We all know how that worked out.  There is even some evidence that American Jews are turning against Israel.  The members of the of the Israeli intelligence service for the most part support the deal.

I remain somewhat hopeful that the Democrats will be able to sustain an Obama veto.  I also think that Republicans will pay a price for this.  Americans have had it with foolish wars in the Middle East.