Posted with permission from Newsweek

Bernie Sanders' campaign is running low on cash as it enters the closing stretch of the Democratic presidential primaries.

Sanders, who routinely speaks of his support from small donors, finished April with $5.8 million on hand, the Los Angeles Times reports. He raised $26.9 million last month but spent $38.6 million as he continues to battle for the Democratic nomination despite forbidding delegate math. 

His rival, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, also raised more than $25 million in April but only spent $24 million and started May with $30 million on hand, according to the Associated Press

Sanders, who rails against corporate money interests in politics, has seen his fundraising slow as the July 25 Democratic National Convention looms, despite continuing to amass primary victories. The Vermont senator's April fundraising haul was a 70 percent drop from his $46 million March; Sanders also took in $43.5 million in February.

In total, Sanders has spent nearly $207 million this election cycle and has averaged $40 million in spending a month, the AP reports.

In contrast, Clinton, who has been fundraising in concert with the Democratic National Committee and state parties, has spent $183 million this election cycle and has averaged $26 million in spending per month since January. 

The Democratic candidates split primary wins this past Tuesday, with Sanders prevailing in Oregon and Clinton taking Kentucky. The former Secretary of State is 90 delegates away from amassing the 2,383 needed to secure the Democratic nomination, as she has the support of 1,768 pledged delegates and 525 super delegates, according to the AP. Sanders trails with 1,533 delegates—1,494 pledged and 39 super delegates.

The California contest—and its 548 delegates, awarded proportionally—is scheduled for June 7. Sanders has promised to stay in the race through the end of the primaries on June 14, when Washington, D.C. votes.