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The British vote stunned the people who are supposed to know what is going on.

The elite across the world spouted off endlessly as to what the Brits would do, and why, and what it would mean.

Surprise, surprise! It didn't turn out the way they predicted, and the full effect is yet to be seen.

Despite early predictions that the Brits would defeat the proposal, it wasn't to be. With a 72 percent turnout, British voters voted 52 to 48 percent to get out of the European Union.

It was a resounding vote and a resounding surprise to elitists. The British people voted to get out of the EU and take control of their own government, their own country and their own lives.

It was, as others have said, a day of British Independence, and I, for one, am proud of their action! Good for them!

It was becoming depressing, sad and, yes, frightening to see a major ally, major friend and major world power reduced to just "one of many" and subject to petty and expensive rules set by unelected people in another country whose actions and decisions are considered law.

It was a bad week for those bureaucrats in Brussels, but it was also not good in Washington, specifically in the Oval Office.

Poor old Barack Obama – graying as he is – no doubt sprouted a few more gray hairs with this one.

He did not have a good week, having gotten slapped down a couple of times, and the future doesn't look good – for him or for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton in particular.

First, he had to face the Supreme Court decision, by a 4-4 tie vote, putting a stop to Obama's plan to open the doors to illegal immigration even wider. Obama wanted possible deportations stopped; the tie vote let stand a lower court decision to put a hold on that.

It isn't a final fix, but for those who see illegal aliens as lawbreakers who do not deserve all the benefits of U.S. citizenship just because they sneaked into out country, it was good news.

It hasn't ended the problem, but it certainly put a bit of a snag in the plan to say to the world: Come on in – what's ours is yours and you can get it for free.

Believe me. Nothing is free, no matter what politicians tell you.

The largesse made available to the illegals may be "free" for them, but not for the American citizens who have to pay a heavy price for the social and legal chaos in terms of dollars and their way of life.

But Obama and the elites don't see it that way – and they also looked at the situation in England the same way.

That explains the reasoning behind Obama's trek to London in April to lecture the Brits as to what it would mean if they voted for Brexit – essentially saying that we, the United States, would take it out on them in future trade deals.

As he put it, not so tactfully, the British people should not expect a new trade deal with the United States because they would be "in the back of the queue."

How cosmopolitan of Obama to use British jargon to slap them in the face, saying they would be on the end of the line and not get any special treatment as a long-time U.S. ally.

If that's how we treat our friends, imagine how we treat our enemies. Then again, does anyone know whom the Obama administration considers a U.S. enemy? It's all so confusing!

But the British people were smarter than to be intimidated by Obama. They have seen and are living through what the EU has done to their country, their economy, their social mores and what it means to their future.

They proved they are smarter than to continue to be fooled, because they see what the liberal policies have done and made worse by the open door to immigration of people from across the world without serious consideration to the effects.

They want their country back, and that's how they voted.

The move by the British people was bold and brave and exciting. Yes, it will cause political and social consternation.

Yes, it will cause markets to slip and slide – but more importantly, it will cause people who think they know how to control the world to consider that perhaps they're not as powerful as they believe.

One way to look at it is that people are taking control of their lives, and it appears the idea is spreading. Already there are statements that the same move is being considered in the Netherlands, France and Germany and other EU countries.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are again talking about getting out of the United Kingdom.

Who's next and when and how, are the big questions. One thing is certain: The world is in a fragile condition and may never be the same again.

As the Chinese curse says: "May you live in interesting times."


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