Posted with permission from Latin Times

Earlier this week it was revealed that Selena Gomez is the most-followed person on Instagram. Yes, more than the Kardashians Klan, more than the Jenner sister's, more than her ex-novio Justin Bieber and more than her BFF Taylor Swift. The Mexican-American singer and actress takes the crown with a current stat of 70.1 millions followers. Swift falls behind with a massive 69.6 million followers. Days after being crowned Queen of Insta, Gomez finally reacts on social media. On Twitter she expressed: "Yo just know that I'm fully aware having the 'most' of anything isn't what's important. It's how you use your platform. Not how big it is." Whereas on Instagram, she posted a selfie stating it felt "so great." "THANK YOU guys for all the love! So appreciative," she added on the description. Check it out below!