Posted with permission from Latin Times

Have you ever tried to have “the talk” with your abuela? For many generations, grandmothers have been the matriarchs of every Latino family. What they say goes. But what happens when you hint to a conversation about, you know, being intimate with a boy for the first time?

Well, most of the times that exchange turns into grandma trying to distract you with everything she cans to avoid the topic. Although there are some modern abuelas out there that will encourage their grandchildren to take the trial and error path, I’m pretty sure that a sex-ed conversation with my abuelita would look something like the video below.

Check out this hilarious clip of Alba (Ivonne Coll), from “Jane The Virgin,” and let us know if her answers would match your abuela’s answers. Don’t miss the CW’s show every Monday at 9/8c. 

Jane The Virgin's Alba answers our burning sex-ed questions, and it's as amazing as you'd expect #R29xTheCW