Posted with permission from iDigital Times

DC’s upcoming Justice League movie has cast another female superhero. Amber Heard confirmed to Entertainment Tonight she’s starring alongside Aquaman actor Jason Momoa in the highly anticipated film.

Heard didn’t reveal any plot details about the Justice League movie, but she did talk about her costume. The actress told Entertainment Tonight her outfit was in the process of being made.

“It’s interesting,” Heard told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m wearing, like, half suit of armor, half scales. It’s strange. But we’re in the process of building it now. It’s coming along.”

It’s unclear what Mera’s relationship to Aquaman will look like in Justice League , but it’s likely she’ll be his wife by the time we see her. Unlike Wonder Woman, Aquaman will not get an origin story film, and Momoa’s solo movie will pick up wherever the Justice League plot leaves off.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released to theaters on March 25.