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The Expanse will return for a second season. SyFy’s new popular TV show is just four episodes into season 1 and has already received rave reviews from sci-fi fans. Episode 5 “Back To The Butcher” airs tonight, Jan. 5,  at 10/9c.

The Expanse is firing on all cylinders creatively, building a passionate fan base among viewers and critics alike, and delivering on Syfy’s promise of smart, provocative science fiction entertainment. We can’t wait to see where the story takes us in season two,” said Dave Howe, president of Syfy and Chiller. The second season will air in 2017 and get 13 episodes instead of 10. Howe told Variety The Expanse is the most expensive show SyFy has ever made.

The Expanse is based from the New York Times bestselling book series of the same name authored by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who go by James. S.A. Corey. The first four episodes debuted online before SyFy started officially airing the series. Cord cutters have had the chance to binge-watch all four episodes, but have been patiently waiting weeks for the next.

SyFy’s website includes a brief synopsis of episode 5. “While Miller makes headway in Julie Mao’s disappearance, Holden and his crew are offered salvation. But how trustworthy is their savior?” Check out iDigi’s summary of season 1 so far if you need a refresher before the new episode. If you want to watch the first four episodes free, head over to SyFy to stream them all.  

The description of episode 5 confirms that Fred Johnson is on his way to save James Holden and the Canterbury survivors, but hints that he may have an ulterior motive in mind. The sneak peek reveals more details. Take a look:

Detective Miller visits his partner Havelock who has apparently survived a brutal spike stabbing to the chest. It’s not been made clear why Havelock and Miller have such a tense relationship. Miller is a belter and Havelock is an Earther who seems to have just moved to Ceres, which may have something to do with their difference in attitude. Hopefully more details will be revealed about the duo’s investigation of Julie Mao, a missing woman last seen aboard the Scopuli.  There seems to be a mysterious space conspiracy happening, what clues will Detective Miller and James Holden give us in episode 5?