Posted with permission from Newsweek

A Jet2 flight from Barcelona was forced to make an emergency landing at Manchester Airport in England after a collision with a bird on Thursday.

There were 144 people on board the flight. One of the passengers filmed a video showing one of the plane’s wings briefly catching fire. An unusual clanking sound could be heard.

According to The Independent , the pilot made contact with Manchester Airport and said he needed to land because of a “technical indication.”

An airport employee later told the Manchester Evening News a bird was pulled into one of the plane’s engines. “The bird was sucked into the engine, instead of being blown out, and that’s what caused it to backfire. It landed and then it was escorted back by the fire crew,” the unidentified employee said.

Passengers were understandably shaken by the experience. “Cabin crew staff were screaming ‘brace, brace, brace’ at us. The worst thing they said was ‘we don’t know what’s happening,’” Paul Worley told the Evening News . “Most terrifying experience of my life. Never want to hear ‘brace brace brace’ ever again!” tweeted passenger Helen Ellis .

Jet2 apologized for the incident.